Will be Kakhi Kakhishvili and his son-in-law summoned to the prosecutor s office? International scandal continues…

  02:19:09     14-04-2021

Money laundering and possible robbery of European pensioners, major corruption scheme and fraudulency – These are probable facts, which is linked to Kakhi Kakhishvili encirclement.
In particular it’s about the issue we have voiced several times, that businessman Mikheil Biniashvili, which is MP of Georgian Dream, was non-official sponsor of Kakhi Kakhishvili’s pre-election campaign, may be related to money laundering facts.
Moreover, conjectural participants of this scheme maybe MP himself and his son-in-low. TV Pirveli also conducted journalistic investigation about this issue. The scheme was decrypted based on an incognito source, about how people from Georgia are getting rich by robbing European pensioners.
After this investigation, MIA spread the information that 12 people were arrested for a similar crime. The police did not concretize whether this case is related to Kakhishvili, his son-in-law and Biniashvili. However, according to the source, the prosecutor's office started searching and collecting the materials.
Accordingly, if there is political will, the investigation will have to expand the circle of alleged perpetrators, in which can be Kakhishvili and his son-in-low. Moreover, it is possible that the case has already officially acquired international resonance and the states of the trespassed pensioners will formally demand an exhaustive response from the Georgian authorities.