Merab Gabinashvili illegally defended drug dealer using his position - SSSG files

  14:37:28     21-09-2021

The judge of the Supreme Court, who is obedient to the government and represents the Chinchaladze clan, is involved in another scandal.
As a rule, this case, which is reflected in the files leaked from SSSG, should also become the basis for Gabinashvili's impeachment ...
In particular: from SSSG files it becomes clear that the friend of the Bishop of Tianeti and Pshav-Khevsureti Mikael Gabrichidze, deacon N.K. was arrested for selling a large amount of drugs.
However, according to SSSG files, Mikael Gabrichidze asked for help from the then representative of the Ministry of Justice, Merab Gabinashvili.
Gabinashvili promised him to resolve of issue of the plea bargain of N.K, who was arrested in drug trafficking charges.
This is information leaked from the State Security Service, which means that SSSG not only listens to the judges, but sometimes turns a blind eye to crimes committed by high-ranking officials, which in Gabinashvili's case manifested itself in the illegal use of his position.
According to the property declaration, Gabinashvili, elected as a Supreme Court judge on December 12, 2019, in 2017 bought a country house in the Dushet district,namely inTsitelsopeli, for $90,000.
It seems that this is where the friendship arose between him and the Bishop of Tianeti and Pshav-Khevsureti, which from Gabinashvili’s side, according to SSSG files, turned into the defense of the drug dealer and the commission of a criminal offense, to which in a state governed by the rule of law, there would inevitably be a response.
P.S: Let us remind that recently Gabinashvili also participated in the administration of political justice when he, having fulfilled the instruction of the chairman and prime-minister of «Georgian Dream», has sentenced the founder of critical media - TV Formula - to 5 years of prison only because it was the will of the regime.