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Flowering drug-business – Russian plan of making Abkhazia depopulated
Occupied regions of Georgia are a transit corridor through which drugs leaks from Asia to Europe. Such a conclusion is made in the 2012 international narcotics control strategy report of United States’ drugs department.
Ivanishvili and Khvedelidze were reprimanded by Usupashvili and Khidasheli (Facts)
The situation on the door of Mr. Chorvila his majesty is increasingly tensed. Influence, money and power – these are three things because of what political objects are gathered around oligarch and they do not refrain themselves from hits below the belt either.
How did oligarch become a slave of surrounding… (Facts)
Recently, it is openly spoken, that Bidzina Ivanishvili has become a personal hostage of Khukhashvili and Usupashvili, and his wife, Ekaterine Khvedelidze-Ivanishvili – assistant of Khidasheli.
Russian intelligence officer’s involuntary confession: I sincerely believed that ours would go to Tbilisi
Russian intelligence officer Alexei Ukhvatov, who was participating in the 2008 August war, is still offended by his commanders, as they lied to him…
Who rules Bidzina and “my Eka”?
How to milk and rule billionaire oligarch? The recipe is quite simple, if the latter has a less developed political sensitivity and intelligence, but the ambitious equal to infinity.
Sana’a joins flydubai’s expanding route network
flydubai, Dubai’s innovative low-cost airline, has announced Sana’a, the capital of the Republic of Yemen as the latest addition to its expanding route network.
Moscow does not believe in Putin’s tears
The newly elected president of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is already celebrating his victory. On the Manage Square Vladimir Putin thanked his supporters for their support, then he returned back to his headquarters, where he gave out champagnes to his supporters.
The members of the Oligarch’s group share out places in the government in advance
The process of formation of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s “Georgian dream” is not finished yet. Oligarch promised that the congress of founders of the party will be held in mid-March. Even before the founders will held the conference, before they will mobilize the voters and “win” in the elections, the issue of positions is already resolved in the glass palace.
Bachuki Qardava: Ivanishvili does not want to sell business in Russia
Leader of the “National democratic party”, Bachuki Qardava, assesses the speech of Georgian president in Parliament. He also made a comment about unilateral abolishment of visa regime with Russia and said that this initiative is welcomed, but there still are some issues that need consideration. The Deputy does not want the “Georgian dream” to come to power after 2012 elections. Bachuki Qardava had a conversation with journalists gathered in “ITv” press-club.
Bollywood Producers in Georgia
Ia Janashia, Deputy Minister of Agriculture hosted Bollywood producers, who are shooting second part of popular movie “Billa” in Georgia. By the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, in the first part of the movie, which was filmed in November of last year, Georgian wine was promoted. Presentation and degustation of Georgian wine will be conducted at most prestigious awards, events and fashion shows in India.
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