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Information of “” is confirmed – Bidzina hired “terminators”
Today, Bidzina Ivanishvili appeared at the grave of the Unknown Soldier in Vake Park together with a new member of his guard. Of course, we do not recognize all the members of his security so well to understand when he has a new one and when all of them are old.
The Jury Court will discuss case of Zura Tarkashvili's murder
Today, on 10:00 am, in the Tbilisi City Court a jury trial will be held regarding the case of premeditated murder in aggravating circumstances.
“Georgian dream” hides funds spent for the party
The Chamber of Control of Georgia, in accordance with Article 34/1, paragraph “f” of the Organic Law of Georgia on Political Unions of Citizens, requested financial information from political entities for the period of Jan. 1 - Mar. 1, 2012. In analyzing the submitted data, the Chamber identified numerous technical and substantive accounting inconsistencies and flaws. As it turns out, “Georgian dream” has problems connected to financial transfers again.
Wife and husband locked up in a tin
Ivanishvili and his wife “My Eka” has become public figures just a few months ago, however, they still did not manage to integrate in the society. These two persons appeared together in the public only several times – mostly on the meetings of the party, once or twice in their house, or surrounded by the old intelligentsia.
Ivanishvilis’ “Arujie”…
There is a Georgian saying “A tree said: what an ax could do to me, if some parts of it were not from me?” Timeline of Bidzina’s political grave is hastened by his own people. Otherwise, what can we call to the thing that his own brother made to this “European-minded”, “pro-western” subject? We are talking about Aliko, Ivanishvili.
Natelashvili: Intelligentsia, who takes money from Ivanishvili , is a crowd gone out for earning some money
Leader of the “Labor party”, Shalva Natelashvili said that those representatives of the intelligentsia, who receives financial aid from Bidzina Ivanishvili at the expense of selling the country, are a crowd gone out in search of money.
The video cut by censors of Ivanishvili and the governor’s answer to the oligarch
The billionaire, who came to politics with a program of “surprising Europe with democracy”, timidly continues “going out to people”. Last week from his place of permanent deployment, from the “Facebook” page, Georgian internet-society find out that Bidzina Ivanishvili attended a football match in his native village, in Sachkhere.
“My Eka” in the kitchen and wives of “dreamers” – in Geneva office of Bidzina…
Bidzina was going to surprise Europe and he started it from Geneva. Not long ago, he opened an office of “Georgian dream” exactly in Geneva. How else could Bidzina surprise old Europe if not by sending several “Desperate Housewives” there? As if there are not enough desperate people in Europe.
Alasania moves to Zugdidi, but Usupashvili is not going to go to Magharo
Today, member of the coalition “Georgian dream” and “Republican” Tinatin Khidasheli answered on the questions of journalists gathered in “itv” press club.
Ivanishvili refused to host the Patriarch, who was visiting Sachkhere
The Patriarch has invited Bidzina Ivanishvili, one (and not only) of the founders of the Trinity church, on the opening; however he did not wish to come from Chorvila and watched the ceremony on TV fortified in the palace.
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