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Ivanishvili made Bigvava falsify the findings of the sociological survey
A couple of days ago, the oligarch circle have widely spread data, received by the organization Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) as a result of research conducted in Georgia.
Face of “dreamer” Gelashvili – from burning the school to brothels…
They do dream… some dream of getting more money and more personal benefit from Ivanishvili, some dream of the restoration of the Soviet Georgia, others dream just to get to the Parliament chamber. The remnant of Shevardnadze era, the former majoritarian of Khashuri, whose name is associated to the words: “corruption, coward and villain” in the regions, is in their list too.
Abkhazian holiday season features: people died of "Jeeping", smell and garbage...
Holiday season is traditionally a period of Russia-Abkhazian discontent. Russian tourists visiting the seaside for holidays, as they write in their impressions, are fleeing from Abkhazia, where, according to them, is still a primitive system.
“Dreamer” from Kokoity’s lair
Bidzina Ivanishvili announced majoritarian candidates of the coalition; as the experts said in most of the cases they are helpless, hopeless and unacceptable for the society. Karaleti and Vakha examples showed that it is really so. People meet Bidzina’s “dreamer” candidates aggressively: the old corrupted politicians from the past, who again have a desire to come to the power and “rake in money” – this is how ordinary voters assess “dreamer” candidates.
Liar oligarch
Ivanishvili is going to completely cover the fines imposed by the Court. A statement about it was made by Maia Panjikidze, the spokesperson of Ivanishvili, on the press-conference held today.
Journalist beaten by the activists of Gubaz Sanikidze had a heart attack
Journalists were assaulted by leaders and activists of the coalition “Georgian dream”. Yesterday, the Kutaisi majoritarian candidate of “Georgian dream”, Gubaz Sanikidze held a meeting with the population in Balakhvani.
Why were members of Conservative party and National forum arrested?
Law enforcers arrested three members of “Georgian dream” charged with feigned arrangement undertaken in violation of the regulations provided by the Law of Georgia on Political Unions. The detainees are: Merab Kachakhidze, Teimuraz Shekhlashvili and Tariel Kardava.
Kaladze’s guard assaulted a journalist
Media-group expresses its concern regarding the fact happened on July 14, in the city Baghdati. Personal guard of one of the leaders of “Georgian dream”, Kakha Kaladze, assaulted Media-group reporter, while the journalist was trying to record an interview with person under their guard.
ers of “Georgian dream” hamper to working process of journalists sts (VIDEO)
Members of “Georgian dream” are distinguished with their special aggressiveness towards the media representatives.
Sanikidze called Bidzina a “moron”
Bidzina made Gubaz Sanikidze and Kakha Shartava angry. However, neither they made oligarch excited. According to the information leaked out from a glass flask, Bidzina Ivanishvili himself is angry on Sanikidze and Shartava. Gubaz Sanikidze and Kakha Shartava do not attend meetings of Coalition board. It is openly expressed protest coming from them. Moreover, they do not answer on board members’ and even Bidzina’s calls.
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