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“”: two Russian fighter jets flew in direction of Georgian border
Based on its own sources, internet-site “” writes that Russian aviation is activated in Didoi – former Tsutini region near Georgia-Dagestan border.
Mikheil Saakashvili: we will hold the most free and transparent elections
According to the statement of the Georgian President MikheilSaakashvili, in Georgian history, since country’s independence, this year’s elections will be the most free, transparent and with the greatest number of observers.
We say Bidzina – we mean Aslan…
BidzinaIvanishvili was reminding us only Putin so far. However, features reminding Adjara former Tyrant have been in his psychological portrait from the very beginning.
Bejan Gunava physically assaulted Marangozyian
According to the information of the Georgian Election Commission, on September 3, 2012, Akhalkhalaki district election commission members Medea Nefaridze, Nino Pkhikidze and the representative of “Georgian dream” BejanGunava physically assaulted HasmikMarangozyian.
That’s what entertained Bidzina?
Oligarch published a list of top ten. Bidzina is characterized with creating a thunder-storm before a rain. He tears everything with threats and after creates such a ridiculous situation that cannot be called even “a storm in a glass”.
According to MIA information, two of the militants liquidated during the special operation are citizens of Georgia
Internal Affairs Ministry spreads a statement about persons liquidated during the persecution operation in Lapankhuri.
Mobilization in Dagestan: Russians arrange mobile military base and a hospital at Georgian border
Territories at the border of Georgia could become a venue for large-scale military actions in the near future. It is yet hard to say exactly what we have to deal with, but perhaps, it is a preparation of direct invasion into the territories of Georgia orthe actions could also be preparation of punitive operation by Russian troops in Dagestan -Chechen publication “Chechenews” reports and notes that one is clear for now – area bounded to Georgia is chose as venue of event development.
Ivanishvili presented brother of the “thief in law” as a majoritarian candidate
Coalition of Ivanishvili continues surprising the society. As already a tradition, they name such persons as majoritarian candidates, who either had a connection with Shevardnadze-Abashidze government or were somehow connected to this period of Georgia’s modern history. “Georgian dream” change the strategy neither this time and namedGiaGazdeliani as the majoritarian candidate in Lentekhi.
Pressure on Moscow had an effect? - Occupation bases of Abkhazia and South Ossetia are no longer participants of “Kavkaz-2012”
Moscow says that the decision about it was made to avoid unnecessary tensions. Deputy Chief of General Staff of Russia, Alexander Postnikov informed journalists about few new details of the military trainings planned in the end of September.
Eka Beridze’s son has wounded a bar waiter in kidney and cut up his face
As it became known, in one of the bars of Tbilisi, Beka Jibladze, son of a journalist Eka Beridze, has wounded a waiter in head and ran away. Criminal proceedings are instituted in connection with the incident, while, Gasviani - person accompanying Beka Jibladze, is detained. He was charged with hooliganism. Beka Jibladze is wanted.
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