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“The marsh was ordered to Sanikidze by Burjanadze, for what she paid 30 thousand dollars as a bribe”
One part of the opposition celebrates Sokhumi collapse day in its own way. As it turns out, Sanikidze, who shows himself as a “great historian”, “falls on his knees” about Nino’s money. What was the reason of Sanikidze’s sudden endeavors of uncertain aiming marches, independently from the “six” and why Nino decided to gather facts on Sanikidze?
Gubazi and herd
The “megastar” of Georgian politics, Gubaz Sanikidze, is inviting people to the protest marsh. The “politician”, who, no one knows when, has been transformed into one of the “leaders” of opposition, sees himself as XXI century’s Robespierre and his outdated, retrograde and banal “ideas” as the most effective bait to lure people.
Rezo Meshveladze: the marsh on 27th of September will be a warning of a tricked opposition
“This march has no sense, no result and no value. It is just another warning of a tricked, ashamed and defeated opposition.” – This is how writer Rezo Meshveladze sees the planed march. The Georgian opposition, as a result of systematical treason and lack of national mission, is politically dead, by the opinion of the writer. Rezo Mishveladze speaks to about the political issues going on in the country and about the marches announced by opposition.
Robert Sturua requests postsitions – theater director’s written ultimatume to the minister
After the Georgian “galioni”, Robert Sturua, was made to leave post of the Artistic Director of a theater, for being xenophobic, the director’s ambitions were not decreasing...
Is Nogaideli buying "Maestro"?
Zurab Noghaidel wants to buy “Maestro”. According to the “” informant, Erosi Kintsmarishvili and Zurab Noghaideli have recently met on this issue and it turns out, some secret deal was reached between them.
Gachechiladze is creating a “Party of Tbiliselebi” and searches for a sponsor in Russia!
Gachechiladze will create a new party soon. Now, when the “oqro” has got wrath on him and his ex-partner, with whom he was baling Martini out on the Eifel, threats with publishing “compromisings”, no other way is left for “grechixa”.
Documents, based on which Sozar Subari disclosure Irakli Oqruashvili in a serious crime
Not many, probably, do remember, that the reports of Sozar Subari in the capacity of ombudsman, where starting and finishing with critics of Mr. Oqruashvili.
Who tries to control Caucasus?
Caucasus geological placement is unique for Turkey and Iran. One part of experts thinks that these two countries decide to strengthen their control under the region after conflict action took place in Karabag and Georgia in 2008.
“Decolonization in the North Caucasus Embarks on Worse Course of Development”
There is no man named Tsiklauri. Processes are controlled from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They are just carrying out the policy of this minor and primitive annoyance. By making unimportant acid remarks, we constantly try to upset Russia and provoke it to attack us some day.
“In Georgia So Called Government Corruption Has Increased”
The survey of “Global Corruption Barometer” says that corruption level in Georgia is at only 3%. Russia at 26%, Armenia at 22% but Azerbaijan at 47%. 91 people took part in the opinion poll.
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