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"Georgia needs to break the political logjam" - Paul Stonski
Mr. Paul Stronski a Senior Associate at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, speaks with about future perspectives of visaliberalisation in U.S, relations with the EU and present situation in the Caucasus region.
"Freedom of speech is essential to a functioning democracy" - Lincoln Mitchell
Freedom of speech is essential to a functioning democracy-and we all know this, but sometimes we forget this statement and this means, that our democracy is in danger.
From Jurij with Love
Jurij Kete is young man from Slovenia, who just adores Georgia. He was very glad when I wrote him and asked some questions about his adventures here.
Georgia on My Mind: 7 Projects That Show the Architectural Progress of a Nation
For the architectural enthusiast who wants to experience contemporary architecture at its creative best, the answer may not lie in Dubai or Shanghai, but in the humble Caucasian republic of Georgia. In the past decade, the Georgian government under then-president Mikheil Saakashvili — 2013 Architizer A+Awards Patron of the Year — commissioned prominent western European architecture firms to execute dozens of public buildings with only one directive: build a distinctly new Georgia.
Military Servicemen on New Disaster-Affected Area
Defence Minister of Georgia Tinatin Khidasheli and Chief of General Staff of the GAF, Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze personally viewed the ongoing recovery works in the village Dighomi and familiarized with the cleaning-up activities carried out by the Georgian military.
Additional Military Force Involved in Disaster-Affected Area
The military are carrying out cleaning-up works in the park “Mziuri”, on Svanidze Street and Vake Sausages plant. Special hardware is also mobilized on the ground.
Georgia police accused of unnecessarily shooting zoo animals in wake of floods
Special police units called to Tbilisi zoo during this weekend’s devastating flood have been accused of overreacting by unnecessarily shooting many of the animals, as hundreds of volunteers joined the clear-up effort at the flattened site.
Katie Melua to Hold Charity Concert to Help Tbilisi Flood Victims
Famous Georgian UK-based singer Katie Melua will perform a charity concert to help people affected by the devastating flood in her hometown Tbilisi.
Escaped Tiger From Georgia Zoo Kills Man
TBILISI, Georgia—A tiger that broke loose after severe flooding at the Tbilisi Zoo mauled a man to death Wednesday before being shot by police.
Toyota to Convey Automobiles with EURO4 Standard Diesel Engine to Georgia
Toyota cares for ecology protection and offers more ecologically refined automobiles.
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